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4 Technical Presentations: 2015 Hadoop Summit Presentations

Published By: Altiscale     Published Date: Aug 25, 2015
Weren't able to attend Hadoop Summit 2015? No sweat. Learn more about the latest Big Data technologies in these technical presentations at this recent leading industry event. The Big Data experts at Altiscale - the leader in Big Data as a Service - have been busy at conferences. To see all four presentations (in slides and youtube video), click here. https://www.altiscale.com/educational-slide-kit-2015-big-data-conferences-nf/ • Managing Growth in Production Hadoop Deployments • Running Spark & MapReduce Together in Production • YARN and the Docker Ecosystem • 5 Tips for Building a Data Science Platform
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hadoop, hadoop technologies, hadoop information

From Yawn to YARN: Why You Should be Excited About Hadoop® 2

Published By: RedPoint Global     Published Date: Sep 22, 2014
Download this illuminating white paper about what YARN really means to the world of big data management.
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redpoint, big data, data management, big data management, hadoop, database development, data integration, data warehousing, data center design and management
RedPoint Global

How YARN Opens Doors to Easier Programming Tools for Hadoop 2.0 Users

Published By: RedPoint Global     Published Date: Sep 22, 2014
Download this paper to learn why the power of Hadoop 2.0 lies in enabling applications to run inside Hadoop, without the constraints of MapReduce.
Tags : 
redpoint, mapreduce, big data, hadoop, data integration, data management, yarn, network management, data deduplication, data center design and management
RedPoint Global

Teradata Aster SNAP Framework, and Apache Hadoop YARN: Two Architectures For Big Data

Published By: Teradata     Published Date: Jan 30, 2015
This report is about two of those architectures: Apache™ Hadoop® YARN and Teradata® Aster® Seamless Network Analytical Processing (SNAP) Framework™. In the report, each architecture is described; the use of each in a business problem is illustrated; and the results are compared.
Tags : 
teradata, data, big, data, analytics. insights, solutions, business opportunities, challenges, technology, aster, snap, framework, apache, hadoop, yarn, architectures, data management, business technology, cloud computing

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