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Optimizing Agent Performance in a Real-time World

White Paper Published By: Interactive Intelligence     Published Date: Jan 10, 2011
Contact centers face a tall order: Deliver stellar service and real-time response to customers, and still get more out of the workforce without risking burnout and turnover. Lori Bocklund is president of Strategic Contact, and Rachel Wentink is the senior director of Product Management for Interactive Intelligence, and when they discuss how to optimize agent performance and offer outstanding service, it's worth reading.
Tags : 
interactive intelligence, strategic contact, quality monitoring, wfm, workforce maangement
Interactive Intelligence

Restoring Trustability to Financial Services

White Paper Published By: Infor     Published Date: Jan 03, 2011
How banks and other financial firms can rebuild and measure the trust they've established with customers.
Tags : 
infor, banking and financial services, crm, customer relationship management, customer interaction service

The Banking Platform Of The Future for Application Development & Program Management Professionals

White Paper Published By: Appian     Published Date: Nov 30, 2010
In this report, Forrester Research interviews IT executives to examine the future of banking: the key business drivers, problems, and technology solutions are explained.
Tags : 
appian, application development, program management, banking platform, financial

SuccessFactors: The Missing Link: Driving Business Results Through Pay-for-Performance

White Paper Published By: SuccessFactors HR     Published Date: Oct 19, 2010
More successful small and mid-sized companies are beginning to tie compensation directly to employee performance to drive incredible business results. Written with input from leading HR professionals, this guide provides valuable, real-world insight into how to build a successful pay-for-performance culture that can literally transform your business.
Tags : 
successfactors, company-wide goal alignment, workforce, talent management, training
SuccessFactors HR

Analyst Report: Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 19, 2010
Learn how to use Enterprise 2.0 technologies to take collaboration at your company to the next level!
Tags : 
collaboration, collaboration tools, collaborative management, enterprise 2.0, enterprise management

Driving Success: The Incredible Power of Company-Wide Goal Alignment

White Paper Published By: SuccessFactors HR     Published Date: Oct 01, 2010
Learn how to position your workforce and your company for success with the complimentary eGuide, "The Incredible Power of Company-wide Goal Alignment."
Tags : 
successfactors, company-wide goal alignment, workforce, talent management, employee performance management
SuccessFactors HR

IT Security: A Step by Step Guide for Growing Business-Stage 3 (Filling in Security Gaps)

White Paper Published By: Symantec.cloud     Published Date: Sep 01, 2010
This is the third part of a three-part white paper series. Part 3 describes how to move on from the basic controls and how each organization should decide which, of all the extra security controls available, are right to be brought in next.
Tags : 
messagelabs us, it security, smb, activity logging, vulnerability check

Legal Risks of uncontrolled email and web

White Paper Published By: Symantec.cloud     Published Date: Aug 10, 2010
This white paper examines a Web security solution that gives companies the ability to monitor and enforce their Internet usage policies, bringing site monitoring and URL filtering together while insuring security with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.
Tags : 
messagelabs us, messagelabs hosted web security, employee web use, web security, employee monitoring

Email Archiving: a Business-Critical Application

White Paper Published By: Symantec.cloud     Published Date: Aug 10, 2010
With 75% of business intellectual property contained in email, efficiently managing this data can pose a major challenge. Learn how hosted email archiving reduces legal risks while improving employee productivity.
Tags : 
messagelabs, symantec hosted services, email archiving, employee productivity, compliance

Bandwidth Bandits

White Paper Published By: Symantec.cloud     Published Date: Aug 10, 2010
This paper will discuss how the Internet bandwidth is a finite and expensive resource that needs protection from spammers, criminals, hackers, time-wasters and employee misuse.
Tags : 
messagelabs us, symantec hosted services, internet bandwidth, security, data protection

Podcast: Removing insecurity from outsourced development

Webinar Published By: IBM Software     Published Date: Aug 04, 2010
Hear from Security Executive, Jack Danahy, of IBM's Rational Software Group explain why and how to hold your outsourced partners accountable to delivering secure code.
Tags : 
ibm ouncelab, network security, security management, security standards, service-oriented architecture
IBM Software

SME Clear Value Interactive Guided Tour (ITour)

Webinar Published By: SAP     Published Date: Jul 29, 2010
SME Clear Value Interactive Guided Tour (ITour) explains the value of the SAP SME portfolio through three value scenarios: Insight, Efficiency and Flexibility
Tags : 
sap, sme itour, smb, operating system, financial management

Save Up To 80% On Your Business Phone Bill With VoIP Phone System

Free Offer Published By: WhichVoIP     Published Date: Jul 23, 2010
Receive FREE customized, no obligation, business VoIP phone service quotes and learn how your company can benefit from VoIP (Voice over IP) technology.
Tags : 
whichvoip, business phone quote, hosted voip phone system, voice over internet protocol, ip pbx

The Team At The Top - Is it Really The Team?

White Paper Published By: Senn Delaney     Published Date: Jul 13, 2010
CEOs and their senior leadership of most major corporations are usually highly proficient individuals who run their business units or functions efficiently but they may not work as well together to guide the overall firm.
Tags : 
senn delaney, customer focused, enterprise leadership, shared service, brand management
Senn Delaney

Hosted VoIP Savings Calculator

Software Download Published By: Polycom     Published Date: Jun 17, 2010
To see how much a company can save by implementing a Hosted VoIP solution, Polycom and BroadSoft have introduced this free and easy-to-use cost-savings calculator.
Tags : 
polycom, hosted voip, cost savings calculator, tco, broadsoft

Legal Risks: Employee use of Internet & Email

White Paper Published By: MessageLabs Ltd.     Published Date: Jun 10, 2010
Read our latest research & uncover the legal risks to your business from employee use of email & internet.
Tags : 
messagelabs symantec, email legal risk, internet security, copyright infringement, confidentiality
MessageLabs Ltd.

Overcoming the Online Trainer's Dilemma

White Paper Published By: Citrix Online     Published Date: Jun 09, 2010
Download this new Wainhouse Research white paper to explore how trainers feel about the various types of training tools available, which features are useful for training online and how effective a Web conferencing tool can be for trainers.
Tags : 
citrix gototraining, online training, web conferencing tool, elearning, video conferencing
Citrix Online

Using Social Media to Advance Your Online Training Program eGuide

White Paper Published By: Citrix Online     Published Date: Jun 09, 2010
This new eGuide explores the latest uses and trends in social media and provides strategies for leveraging social media to improve the online training experience for both trainers and students.
Tags : 
citrix gototraining, social media, online training, video conferencing, human resources services
Citrix Online

Live Online Training that Works: Strategies for High Impact Learning and Development

White Paper Published By: Citrix Online     Published Date: Jun 09, 2010
This eBook describes techniques to maximize the effectiveness of training delivered online "live" and in real time--in terms of planning and execution to maximize engagement and retention--and to achieve measurable results.
Tags : 
citrix gototraining, live online training, elearning, best practices, video conferencing
Citrix Online

A Day In The Life Of A US Information Worker

White Paper Published By: GoToMeeting     Published Date: Jun 09, 2010
This new Forrester white paper provides a snapshot of a typical day in the life of a U.S. information worker. It reveals how workers are employing new technologies and applications, interacting with their teams and engaging in mobile activities.
Tags : 
citrix gotomeeting, information worker, knowledge management, desktop computers, remote access employee

How to Promote the Value of Online Training Within Your Organization

White Paper Published By: Citrix Online     Published Date: Jun 09, 2010
This white paper explores the benefits and ROI of online training and takes an in-depth look at how two innovative companies successfully implemented Web-based training.
Tags : 
citrix gototraining, web-based training, roi, elearning, customer training
Citrix Online

Linking Learning to Talent Management: The Key to Accelerating Workforce White Paper Performance

White Paper Published By: SkillSoft IT     Published Date: May 15, 2010
Because no matter how brilliant your business plan is, if you don't have the workforce to support it, you're not going to achieve your intended business results.
Tags : 
talent management, workforce performance, employee performance, workforce management software, employee monitoring software
SkillSoft IT

Legal Risks: Employee use of email & Internet

White Paper Published By: Symantec.cloud     Published Date: Apr 27, 2010
Our latest research uncovers the legal risks from employee use of the email & internet.
Tags : 
messagelabs symantec, email legal risk, internet security, copyright infringement, confidentiality

Find out how you can put The Incredible Power of Goal Alignment to work at your organization.

White Paper Published By: SuccessFactors     Published Date: Apr 12, 2010
Learn how to get your entire organization working on the critical tasks that will move your business forward. Download the complimentary eGuide, "Driving Success: The Incredible Power of Company-wide Goal Alignment" today.
Tags : 
successfactors, goal alignment, human resource, employee goals, automated solution

Strategic Sourcing: The 2010 Guide to Driving Savings and Procurement Performance

White Paper Published By: Zycus     Published Date: Mar 30, 2010
The strategic sourcing group has faced myriad challenges over the last two decades, including a fluctuating economy and increased expectations to bolster the enterprise bottom-line. However, the last few years have brought about a new, complex challenge: continue to drive procurement performance while finding fresh cost savings within other areas of corporate spending.
Tags : 
zycus, sourcing, strategic sourcing, procurement, purchasing
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