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Networking involves at least two devices capable of being networked with at least one usually being a computer. The devices can be separated by a few meters (e.g. via Bluetooth) or thousands of kilometers (e.g. via the Internet).
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Virtualizing Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 23, 2013
The paper examines key factors you should consider when planning for the transition to cloud-based business resilience and in selecting your cloud partner.
Tags : 
disaster recovery, cloud computing, cloud, virtualization, data protection

Virtualizing Email Gateway Security

White Paper Published By: Trend Micro Inc.     Published Date: Aug 25, 2011
Get the flexibility you need without sacrificing security at the gateway.
Tags : 
trend micro, email gateway security applications, virtualization, datacenter functions, virtual appliances
Trend Micro Inc.

Virtualizing HPC Throughput Computing Environments

White Paper Published By: VMware     Published Date: Sep 20, 2018
Download the new white paper from VMWare that explores the possibilities of virtualizing HPC throughput in computing environments.
Tags : 
vmware, hpc, high powered computing, virtual hpc, network architecture

Virtualizing Network Connections and Capacity with HP FlexFabric

White Paper Published By: HP     Published Date: Jun 25, 2010
Network teams are faced with a race to build out data center network capacity and to effectively provision connectivity at an increasing speed.
Tags : 
networking dynamics, intelligent server access, matrix operating environment, investment protection, predictable performance

Virus Prevention Without Signatures

White Paper Published By: Internet Security Systems     Published Date: Aug 21, 2009
Viruses have been on the attack for more than 20 years, and the cost of dealing with them is escalating. Too many malcode (malicious code) attacks by viruses, worms, Trojans and the like are breaking through today's most prevalent system defenses: Antivirus (AV) programs. This whitepaper will discuss the full impact of virus disasters and what historically has been done to combat the problem.
Tags : 
virus, antivirus, anti-virus, anti virus, trojan
Internet Security Systems

Visibility and Control to Prevent, Detect, and Remediate Advanced Malware Everywhere

White Paper Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Oct 14, 2015
Read more to learn how Cisco® Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is the integrated solution that provides visibility into potential threat activity and the control to rapidly contain and remediate malware.
Tags : 
cisco, malware protection, amp, advanced malware protection, global threat intelligence

Visibility, Automation and Analysis: A Winning Combo for Reliable Networks

White Paper Published By: Riverbed     Published Date: Feb 26, 2015
In this report, we'll look at the challenges that businesses are facing when it comes to understanding network and application performance, and how the lack of network information can lead to bad performance, low user satisfaction, compliance issues and costly downtime.
Tags : 
automation, network performance, application performance, compliance issues, network management

Visual Collaboration for Small to Medium Enterprises

White Paper Published By: Vidyo     Published Date: Jun 10, 2013
Discover how two medium-sized companies leverage cutting-edge solutions from Vidyo to improve productivity, reduce project completion time, and improve quality of life for their employees.
Tags : 
vidyo, video collaboration, web conferencing, video conferencing, mobile workers

VMready: Virtual Machine-aware Networking

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 08, 2011
Read this white paper to find out how IBM's VMready switches solve the most difficult VM mobility and visibility problems.
Tags : 
vmware, virtual machine, networking, switches, visibility

VMware and Cloud Computing: An Evolutionary Approach to an IT Revolution

White Paper Published By: VMware     Published Date: Aug 23, 2011
Virtualization is the essential catalyst for enabling the transition to cloud computing. VMware, the fastest growing enterprise software company and virtualization industry leader, builds on virtualization to deliver cloud infrastructure and management solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity.
Tags : 
vmware, cloud computing, it revolution, virtualization, infrastructure

VMware Case Study: City of Avondale, Arizona

White Paper Published By: VMware     Published Date: Oct 05, 2015
Learn how this city government deployed VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery® to meet its recovery point objectives and VMware NSX® to add security layers inside the organization for increased protection. Get your free download of this case study now.
Tags : 
vmware, vmware vcloud air disaster recovery, vmware nsx, avondale, arizona

VMware Customer Success: World Wildlife Fund UK

Case Study Published By: VMware Dell     Published Date: Jun 05, 2008
WWF is the world’s largest independent conservation organization. As part of its IT department’s contribution to environmentally-friendly business practices, WWF-UK deployed VMware virtualization into its live production environment. They decreased server count, lessened cooling requirements, minimized the space needed to house their datacenter and significantly reduced their overall carbon footprint.
Tags : 
virtualization, vmware, virtual infrastructure, x86, server consolidation
VMware Dell

VMware Delivers a Modern Approach to Data Management: Solutions Brief

White Paper Published By: VMWare - vFabric     Published Date: May 10, 2012
This solutions brief covers the modern data management products that are part of the VMware vFabric platform, including vFabric GemFire, vFabric SQLFire, vFabric Data Director and vFabric Postgres.
Tags : 
vfabric, vmware virtualization, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, public cloud
VMWare - vFabric

VMware DRS: Why You Still Need Assured Application Delivery and Application Delivery Networking

White Paper Published By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Feb 24, 2010
Discover the tools to create the next-generation data center and enable a true Virtual Data Center that is fluid, mobile and has limitless growth.
Tags : 
vmware drs, application delivery networking, virtual data center, network virtualization, distributed computing
F5 Networks Inc

VMware Infrastructure 3 Planning

White Paper Published By: HP VMware     Published Date: Mar 03, 2008
This white paper, created for solutions architects, engineers, and project managers, contains planning information to help customers effectively plan a VMware Infrastructure running on HP ProLiant servers, HP StorageWorks storage solutions, and HP ProLiant Essentials management software components.
Tags : 
hp vmware, vmware, infrastructure, virtual, virtual server
HP VMware

VMware Infrastructure: A Guide to Bottom-Line Benefits

White Paper Published By: VMware/Intel Server Refresh and Cost Savings     Published Date: Jan 27, 2009
Frustrated by the costs of maintain ever larger data centers-or building new ones-many companies are exploring virtualization. Virtualization lets your IT staff turn your data center into an internal cloud of computing resources controlled by a single virtual data center operating system (VDC-OS).
Tags : 
vmware, virtualization, server virtualization, data center, fc san
VMware/Intel Server Refresh and Cost Savings

VMware vFabric tc Server Streamlines Application Deployment: John Muir Health Case Study

Case Study Published By: VMWare - vFabric     Published Date: May 10, 2012
Read this case study to understand how VMware vFabric tc Server delivered more efficient application deployment, improved server deployment and management and rapid response time.
Tags : 
vfabric, vmware virtualization, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, public cloud
VMWare - vFabric

VMware vFabric tc Server Streamlines Application Deployment: John Muir Health Case Study

Case Study Published By: VMware     Published Date: Aug 23, 2011
Read this case study to understand how vFabric tc Server delivered more efficient application deployment, improved server deployment and management.
Tags : 
vfabric, joh muir, application server, data management, application monitoring and management

VMware Zimbra Email and Collaboration for Small and Midsize Businesses

Webinar Published By: VMware     Published Date: Aug 17, 2011
See a demo of Zimbra and understand how Zimbra and other VMware technology reduce risk and deliver a complete email and collaboration solution.
Tags : 
open source email, shared calendar for linux, shared calendar for mac, zimbra, gyro

VMware® vSphere® Optimization Assessment

White Paper Published By: CDW     Published Date: Aug 07, 2015
How you benefit from VMware vSphere with Operations Management
Tags : 
convergence, storage management, storage virtualization, application integration, analytical applications

Voice Over IP For Your Business? Free Guide on Making the Right Choice

White Paper Published By: InsideUp, Inc.     Published Date: Aug 02, 2010
Switch to Voice Over IP. Save Up to 60% on Business Phone Service.
Tags : 
insideup, voice over ip, voip provider, business phone service, call forwarding
InsideUp, Inc.

VoIP: Hype or Reality?

White Paper Published By: mindSHIFT     Published Date: Nov 29, 2007
Will Voice over IP technology provide business-class security and reliability you expect in your phone system?
Tags : 
voip, voice over ip, vonage, communication, phone

Vorteile der VCE VxRail™- Appliance bei Kosten und Wartung

White Paper Published By: DellEMC and Intel®     Published Date: Sep 16, 2016
In diesem Whitepaper werden die Argumente für hyperkonvergente Appliances, und insbesondere die EMC VCE VxRail-Appliance, aus Sicht der Kosten und des messbaren Aufwands betrachtet. Um eine realistische und wiederholbare Analyse zu ermöglichen, wurden statt anekdotischer Beobachtungen oder Kundenzitaten über die Vorteile ausschließlich messbare Ergebnisse herangezogen.
Tags : 
emc vce vxrail, virtualisation, converged infrastructure, hyber-converged infrastructure, infrastructure
DellEMC and  Intel®

vSRX Solution Brief

White Paper Published By: Juniper Networks     Published Date: Oct 20, 2015
The last few years have seen a rapid move to virtualization and cloud technology.
Tags : 
juniper, vfx, virtualization, gartner, idc
Juniper Networks

Vulnerability Assessment for the Security Operations Center

White Paper Published By: netVigilance     Published Date: Aug 21, 2009
This white paper explains the evolving needs for vulnerability assessment, the special requirements inherent within large enterprises, and how SecureScout SP from netVigilance meets those needs.
Tags : 
vulnerability management, ips, intrusion prevention, security management, hackers
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