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Reliable, Easy-to-Use Security Technology Can Help Protect Small Businesses

White Paper Published By: Tyco Integrated Security     Published Date: May 05, 2015
52 percent of all businesses are likely to be victimized within the next three years. Download this white paper top learn how accessible, easy-to-use solutions can help lower security costs and give you peace of mind.
Tags : 
small businesses, affordability, security, accessibility, networking
Tyco Integrated Security

Reporting for Success

Webinar Published By: iCims     Published Date: Oct 02, 2015
View our recorded webinar to learn how to transform your Human Resources department into a profit center by leveraging key analytics to show the value in your recruitment efforts.
Tags : 
recruiting solutions, talent management, talent management solutions, human resources, human resource technology

Restoring Trustability to Financial Services

White Paper Published By: Infor     Published Date: Jan 03, 2011
How banks and other financial firms can rebuild and measure the trust they've established with customers.
Tags : 
infor, banking and financial services, crm, customer relationship management, customer interaction service

Rethink Performance Management to Run Simple

White Paper Published By: SAP     Published Date: May 03, 2016
Discover why analytics may be the key to revolutionizing performance management and other HR processes.
Tags : 
sap, performance management, simplify, employee, management

Sales Management 2.0: Optimizing Virtual Sales Team Collaboration

White Paper Published By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Oct 10, 2014
This white paper provides its research results which aims to find out how well companies are doing in terms of creating sales leaders.
Tags : 
sales training, virtual sales training, virtual collaboration, logmein, sales management

SAP BusinessObjects Edge: Business Agility for Midsize Companies-lo-res for web

White Paper Published By: SAP     Published Date: Apr 13, 2011
As a midsize company, you need to be faster and more focused than your bigger competitors. The SAP® BusinessObjectsT Edge Strategy Management application helps you develop the business agility to quickly align resources and execute changing strategies to drive efficiency and profitability.
Tags : 
planning, consolidation, small businesses, midsize companies, business metrics

SAP BusinessObjects Edge: Planning and Consolidation SB-lo-res for web

White Paper Published By: SAP     Published Date: Apr 13, 2011
To manage performance efficiently, midsize companies need a unified planning, budgeting, and consolidation solution. The SAP® BusinessObjectsT Edge Planning and Consolidation application streamlines the planning process and produces management reports that instill confidence and reduce business risk.
Tags : 
management report, business risk, business planning, business activity monitoring, business intelligence

Save Up To 80% On Your Business Phone Bill With VoIP Phone System

Free Offer Published By: WhichVoIP     Published Date: Jul 23, 2010
Receive FREE customized, no obligation, business VoIP phone service quotes and learn how your company can benefit from VoIP (Voice over IP) technology.
Tags : 
whichvoip, business phone quote, hosted voip phone system, voice over internet protocol, ip pbx

SEC XBRL for Dummies

Free Offer Published By: IBM Business Analytics     Published Date: Jun 03, 2011
Download this handy guide to learn more about the implications of the SEC's mandate on XBRL filing for public companies. Finance Departments can further use this guide to evaluate the various options for preparing XBRL statements.
Tags : 
xbrl, sec filing, xbrl statements, filing, tagging
IBM Business Analytics

Secrets to Corporate Communications Success

Webinar Published By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 01, 2013
Engaging Your Employees & Improving Adoption and Retention of Key Business Messages Today's Corporate Communications leaders are tasked with making their employees smarter about your company's business, elevating their engagement and knowledge around your brand in ways that are impactful, memorable and enables retention of the key messages. Yet in a recent CMO Study conducted by IBM Institute For Business Value, only 20% of CMO's believe that the corporate character and brand are fully understood by the organizations employees. Join us for a 60-minute webinar to discover how how other companies are successfully creating advocates out of their employees and help them to better understand their corporation's key messages through the use of new and exciting technologies.
Tags : 
corporate communications, social business, employee learning, employee retention, human resource management

Securing Your Mobile Workforce Locking Down Data in Your Environment

White Paper Published By: Symantec.cloud     Published Date: Nov 29, 2010
This three-part report describes how all businesses can benefit from SaaS services, in particular the variety of services that make up hosted services from Symantec.
Tags : 
messagelabs symantec hosted services, mobile workforce, saas services, security, management policies

Security Tools and Their Unexpected Uses

White Paper Published By: Tyco Integrated Security     Published Date: May 05, 2015
Maximizing your security resources can be one rewarding way to extend your resources and visibility into your business.
Tags : 
security resources, security technology, video surveillance, security resources, security
Tyco Integrated Security

See how embracing change helps the global financial markets survive.

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 15, 2009
In the white paper, "Toward Transparency and Sustainability: Building a New Financial Order," you'll see how businesses are building sustainable, stable systems for the years to come, while fulfilling their brand promises.
Tags : 
global financial market, ibm, identity crisis, processors, over-the-counter

Seeing is Believing: IBM Kenexa Talent Insights

Webinar Published By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 28, 2016
Watch this complimentary, on-demand 30 minute demo to see how you can: - Use HR analytics to redefine the way you manage your talent and help drive better business results. - Gain deep insights from your talent data without having to dig through mountains of reports. - Know exactly what data to explore to get the very best answers to your talent questions. - Answer your CEO's questions about the workforce in minutes, not months.
Tags : 
ibm, kenexa, talent insights, talent analytics, knowledge management

Selecting the Best Instructional Method of Blended Learning

White Paper Published By: Skillsoft     Published Date: Mar 05, 2014
This paper will assist you in answering key questions about how you can deliver the various components of a well-designed blended learning program.
Tags : 
learning, blended learning, development program, employee training software, elearning

Senior IT Leaders Explain Why BlackBerry 10 is Right for their Enterprises

Free Offer Published By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Mar 12, 2013
McCain Foods Ltd. and Air Canada are long-time BlackBerry® customers. In this short video, senior IT leaders from both companies explain why they see BlackBerry® 10 as the natural evolution of their mobile strategy.
Tags : 
blackberry 10, natural evolution for mccain, air canada, case study, evolution of mobile strategy

Setting the Industry Benchmark in WLAN Performance

White Paper Published By: HP     Published Date: Nov 14, 2011
See how HP is setting the benchmark for 802.11n performance with the industry's first three-spatial-stream 802.11n dual-radio access points.
Tags : 
wireless, 208.11n, dual-radio, performance, benchmark

Seven Steps to Building a High-Impact Learning Culture

White Paper Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Apr 22, 2014
Oracle report on and provide the 7 steps to building a high-impact learning culture.
Tags : 
training, learning culture, oracle, employee training software

Simplify Scheduling through Consolidation and Automation

White Paper Published By: Tidal Software     Published Date: Sep 03, 2008
With 50+ percent of all business processes leveraging batch operations, it is essential to keep your batch production running smoothly in order to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you are consolidating datacenter operations, moving apps to more cost-effective platforms, or transitioning from customized to packaged applications, learn how you can simplify and lower the cost of batch management with a single interface to all batch processes across platforms and applications and more.
Tags : 
datacenter consolidation, application consolidation, application standardization, tidal, tidal software
Tidal Software

Simplifying Employee Investigations

White Paper Published By: SpectorSoft     Published Date: Aug 28, 2012
This whitepaper will describe the best methodologies used to perform investigations, and why investigating proactively can help.
Tags : 
human resources, spectorsoft, employee investigations, file auditing, user activity monitoring

Simplifying Employee Investigations

White Paper Published By: SpectorSoft     Published Date: Apr 03, 2015
You just got news of yet another issue that just happened in your business that now you need to deal with – it could be a sexual harassment claim, a tip on an employee stealing, or just someone goofing off on the Internet for way too long. Some issues only require the employees involved to get in a room with HR to address, while others require extensive detective work by the good folks in IT. Especially in cases of data theft, fraud, embezzlement, etc., having detail on everything the employee did leading up to the purported “bad deed” will be critical in determining whether something improper occurred or not.
Tags : 
sexual harrassment, embezzlement, employee investigations, human resource technology

Six Considerations for Nurturing High Performance Teams

White Paper Published By: Polycom     Published Date: Dec 18, 2014
Some people believe high performance teams come together and innovate due to luck—the right people happen to be together in a room at the right time. By reviewing moments in history that resulted in some of our biggest innovations— from the light bulb to the airplane—you will see that luck has very little to do with it. Working to create an innovative environment with high performers is possible in any environment if the proper measures are taken to make it work.
Tags : 
polycom, risk mitigation, critical thinking, innovation, nurturing

Six Do's and Don'ts for Choosing the Right IT Service Provider: An Executive's Guide and Checklist

White Paper Published By: iCorps     Published Date: Jun 11, 2009
Finding the right IT service provider is not as simple as it may seem. Choosing a service provider based exclusively on low price may be good for your bottom line, but may fall short on delivering the right level of IT expertise and resource scalability for long-term advantage.
Tags : 
icorps, it service provider, it outsourcing, competitive advantage, roi

Six Mistakes Companies Are Making Today And How You Can Avoid Them

White Paper Published By: SAP     Published Date: May 15, 2009
Answer six questions and find out if your company is making the same mistakes as your peers in a down economy. Determine the level of business intelligence opportunity across your organization and whether a business intelligence solution can improve your organization's decision making and, ultimately, its performance.
Tags : 
sap, cashflow, revenue, stakeholders, business intelligence

Six Steps for Scaling a Startup

White Paper Published By: TriNet     Published Date: Jul 28, 2015
6 considerations from a serial entrepreneur and investor.
Tags : 
startup management, infrastructure, employee performance management, hr infrastructure, compliance
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