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The Riverbed Performance Platform: A Visionary Approach to Enterprise IT

White Paper Published By: Riverbed     Published Date: May 24, 2012
End users want to be productive just as much as the business wants them to be. Most people thrive in environments where they are set up to succeed, and IT has a strategic role in that process. Simply put, users expect applications to be faster.
Tags : 
enterprise it, platform, server virtualization, private cloud, public cloud

The Road Map From Virtualization to Cloud Computing

White Paper Published By: VMware     Published Date: Aug 18, 2011
Virtualization is just one step in a much larger transition. This publication builds on powerful insights from Gartner research to articulate a cloud computing strategy that minimizes problems and maximizes ROI.
Tags : 
vmware, gartner, virtualization, cloud computing, roi

The ROI of Cloud Apps - Forrester Research Inc. Uncovers Long-Term Value in Cloud Apps

White Paper Published By: Box     Published Date: May 31, 2012
This Gilbane Group Beacon examines how large-­scale trends are changing enterprise collaboration and content sharing expectations. It defines Cloud Content Management, an emerging set of content management practices.
Tags : 
cloud, content management, active control, collaboration, sharing

The ROI of Cloud Apps A Total Economic Impact Analysis Uncovers Long-Term Value In Cloud Apps

White Paper Published By: Box     Published Date: May 30, 2012
This report analyzes the longer-term, five-year cost of ownership and value for cloud applications across four categories: CRM, ERP, collaboration (including email), and IT service management.
Tags : 
free online storage, online storage, file sharing, online file storage, share files online

The ROI of Cloud-based Financial Applications

White Paper Published By: Intacct     Published Date: Apr 28, 2014
Download this whitepaper to learn about the benefits of cloud based financial applications.
Tags : 
roi, cloud based applications, cloud, financial applications, return on investment

The ROI of Tape Consolidation

White Paper Published By: Quantum - Quinstreet     Published Date: Aug 10, 2011
This white paper shows how upgrading to LTO-5 technology and consolidating storage onto fewer tapes enables organizations to achieve a 5yr ROI and a 17-month payback period.
Tags : 
quantum, quinstreet, data deduplication, deduplication, nas
Quantum - Quinstreet

The Role of Integrated Network Services in Next-Generation Application Delivery

White Paper Published By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Jan 21, 2014
Cloud computing and the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend will impact the design of future datacenters and their supporting networks. To attain the kind of business agility that companies now demand, network infrastructure needs to provide the flexibility required by cloud application workloads and the changing traffic patterns fostered by BYOD. To make networks more agile, new approaches to network implementation need to be enabled. As these trends continue, application delivery controllers (ADCs) will be critical elements in the new network infrastructure. This Technology Spotlight examines these trends and the role that F5 Networks' integrated scalable platform plays in this strategic market.
Tags : 
f5 networks, idc, cloud, cloud computing, bring your own device
F5 Networks Inc

The Role of Linux in Datacenter Modernization

White Paper Published By: Red Hat     Published Date: Sep 25, 2014
Today’s mega IT trends – cloud computing, big data, mobile and social media –have dramatically altered how enterprises work, requiring datacenters to find new, more flexible and cost effective ways to meet computing demands. For most datacenters, the path toward tomorrow's compute paradigm mandates an investment in standardization and consolidation as well as a more robust adoption of enterprise virtualization software, along with cloud system software to extend that virtualized infrastructure into a true private cloud environment. Linux has emerged as one of the key elements to a modernization program for a datacenter.
Tags : 
datacenter, modernization, enterprise virtualization, infrastructure, private cloud enviornment
Red Hat

The Role of the Network in Cloud Computing

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 27, 2014
Gain a better understanding of the role of your network in cloud computing and see how you can get the best value possible for your business.
Tags : 
network, cloud computing, business, ibm, private cloud

The role of the network in cloud computing

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jun 16, 2015
For a network that better supports your cloud and brings the most value possible to your business, its design has to be considered in the early stages of cloud planning. Read the white paper "Networking for cloud computing" to discover specific networking considerations for public, private and hybrid clouds.
Tags : 
cloud computing, cloud design, network ramifications, cloud deployment, hybrid cloud

The Role of Virtual WAN Optimization in the Next-Generation Datacenter

White Paper Published By: Silver Peak     Published Date: Feb 12, 2013
An optimized WAN environment can increase network reliability and availability and improve cost profiles. It also improves the performance and reliability of data backup, replication, and recovery processes.
Tags : 
virtualization, wan, optimization, data center, network
Silver Peak

The Root Causes Behind Failed Recoveries

White Paper Published By: SunGard     Published Date: Aug 14, 2012
When considering business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR), a failed recovery means discontinued business. having systems inoperable and people unavailable for a matter of days or even hours can be disastrous in terms of lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and negative press. it is therefore critical to understand the root-causes behind why recoveries fail the first place.
Tags : 
sungard, failed, recoveries, business, disaster

The Saleforce.com ROI Paradox

White Paper Published By: Bluewolf     Published Date: Apr 04, 2011
From extensive work with thousands of salesforce.com customers, Bluewolf has identified what separates the companies that are most effective with salesforce.com post-implementation.
Tags : 
bluewolf, roi paradox, salesforce, cloud computing, salesforce.com

The secret to reducing hiring mistakes? It's in the metrics

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 06, 2016
In the age of big data and workforce analytics, statistics and metrics abound. In the face of an overabundance of numbers, knowing which metrics are most important can be a real challenge for Human Resource (HR) leaders and hiring managers.
Tags : 
big data, workforce, statistics, metrics, ibm

The Secret to Winning Market Share for the Internet of Things

White Paper Published By: Ayla Networks     Published Date: Jul 24, 2015
Winning Market Share.
Tags : 
market share, data intelligence, platforms, applications, security
Ayla Networks

The Secrets to Data Protection on Mobile Devices Revealed

White Paper Published By: Trend Micro, Inc.     Published Date: Jul 19, 2011
Answers to Your Mobile Device Data Protection Questions. The IT landscape is changing quickly, Get expert advice on developing a strategy and learn how your organization can manage security on employee-owned mobile devices.
Tags : 
trend micro, internet content security, smart protection network, internet security, enterprise business security
Trend Micro, Inc.

The Secure Data Center: An Integrative Approach to Achieving Holistic Security

White Paper Published By: Digital Realty     Published Date: Feb 24, 2015
Today’s headlines are replete with accounts of major corporations that have found themselves under attack for their enterprise data. For data center operators, ensuring the security and continuity of their clients’ business operations is a key and compelling imperative. See how Digital Realty approaches data center security.
Tags : 
data center, security, infrastructure, cloud computing, it management
Digital Realty

The SharePoint Server 2016 Migration Planning Guide

White Paper Published By: Metalogix     Published Date: Aug 22, 2016
Read this eBook to learn the best practices for SharePoint Server 2016 migration
Tags : 
sharepoint, sharepoint server, migrating, best practices, application integration

The Shortcut Guide to Business Security Measures Using SSL

White Paper Published By: Symantec     Published Date: Jan 10, 2013
In this guide, we will examine major types of threats to information security that  businesses face today as well as techniques for mitigating those threats. One of the most important tools available to us is SSL technology.
Tags : 
shortcut, business, security measures, ssl, security socket layer

The Shortcut Guide to Business Security Measures Using SSL

White Paper Published By: Symantec     Published Date: Jan 04, 2012
Learn How SSL Technology Can Improve Your Site
Tags : 
ssl, ssl certificates, internet infrastructure services, trust services, extended validation

The Shortcut Guide to Protecting Against Web Application Threats Using SSL

White Paper Published By: Symantec     Published Date: Apr 09, 2012
Although there is no single security measure than can prevent all threats, the use of SSL encryption and digital certificate-based authentication is one of them.
Tags : 
ssl, ssl certificates, internet infrastructure services, trust services, extended validation

The Silent Transformation: Evolution and Impact of Digital Communication Skills Development

White Paper Published By: Adobe     Published Date: May 16, 2012
This paper explores the evolution of digital communication skills development in post-secondary educational institutions around the world. Find out more now!
Tags : 
communication, skills, digital communication, silent transformation, global

The Six Ways Organizations May Capitalize on HP 3PAR's Deep Levels of vSphere Integration

White Paper Published By: HP and Intel     Published Date: Aug 13, 2012
This DCIG report details how HP 3PAR F-class midrange arrays provide enhanced levels of VMware integration and optimized virtual machine density so users experience levels of VMware efficiency, performance and visibility well beyond what other midrange arrays natively provide.
Tags : 
hp 3par storage, vsphere integration, virtualization, virtualized environments, data storage
HP and Intel

The Smart Archive strategy from IBM

White Paper Published By: Ogilvy - IBM UK     Published Date: Aug 08, 2011
This solution brief introduces the Smart Archive strategy from IBM, which is a comprehensive approach that combines IBM software, systems and service capabilities to help you drive down costs down and help ensure critical content is properly retained and protected.
Tags : 
ibm uk, ibm smart archive, ibm smart archive strategy, hardware, software
Ogilvy - IBM UK

The Smartest Way to Cover the Globe

White Paper Published By: Equinix     Published Date: May 18, 2015
Download this infographic now to discover how you can help address the challenges of a rapidly changing business world.
Tags : 
equinix, equinix data centers, benefits to equinix, platform equinix, data center
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