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Workshifting: a global market research report

White Paper Published By: Citrix Systems     Published Date: Oct 08, 2012
New business requirements are transforming the demands placed on IT. To operate effectively in today's fast-paced global environment, organizations need to be able to get work done anywhere, anytime, by any type of worker to achieve the best results. This is the context for the rise of workshifting-the practice of moving work to the most optimal location, time and resources.
Tags : 
citrix, workshifting, optimal location, virtualization, resources
Citrix Systems

Worldwide Company Consolidates Data Centers to Deliver on Global Services Vision

White Paper Published By: CDW     Published Date: Apr 04, 2016
As CEB expands into new markets, its IT department takes advantage of virtualization and converged infrastructure to build a private cloud that serves customers and employees.
Tags : 
data center, data application, network performance, data virtualization, data management

Worldwide Company Consolidates Data Centers to Deliver on Global Services Vision

White Paper Published By: CDW - EMC     Published Date: Apr 07, 2016
As CEB expands into new markets, its IT department takes advantage of virtualization and converged infrastructure to build a private cloud that serves customers and employees.
Tags : 
data center, data application, network performance, data virtualization, data management

Worldwide Purpose-Built Backup Appliance 2011-2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Share

Case Study Published By: EMC Corporation     Published Date: Nov 08, 2011
This study provides the market size and initial five-year forecast for the worldwide PBBA market as part of IDC's Storage Solutions coverage.
Tags : 
back up, backup, backup appliance, forecast, purpose built
EMC Corporation

WP: Migrate to a 40-Gbps Data Center with Cisco QSFP BiDi Technology

White Paper Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Sep 16, 2015
This document describes how the Cisco® 40-Gbps QSFP BiDi transceiver reduces overall costs and installation time for customers migrating data center aggregation links to 40-Gbps connections.
Tags : 
applications, systems integration, cloud, development, network architecture

XenApp 6.x Planning Guide: Virtualization Best Practices

White Paper Published By: Citrix     Published Date: Oct 14, 2010
This planning guide provides best practices for virtualizing Citrix XenApp. Even though these best practices are based on the Hosted Shared Desktop model, they are still relevant in a non-desktop model where users only connect to published applications without the desktop interface.
Tags : 
citrix, xenapp, desktop virtualization, hosted shared desktop, windows servers

XtremIO Ranks #1 The Research Proves It

White Paper Published By: Dell EMC     Published Date: Feb 08, 2016
See why Gartner, IDC and other Analysts rank XtremIO #1!
Tags : 
emc, xtremio, rankings, gartner, idc
Dell EMC

You Can and Must Excel at Your Security Assessments Without EXCEL Spreadsheets

White Paper Published By: Qualys     Published Date: Sep 29, 2016
With SAQ, an organization can quickly and precisely identify security and compliance gaps among third parties, as well as internally among its employees.
Tags : 
security, cloud-based, data, audit, cloud computing

Your BT Agenda Demands A Hybrid Cloud Storage Strategy

White Paper Published By: NetApp     Published Date: Aug 14, 2015
How CIO's handle storage.
Tags : 
cloud, cloud computing, data, storage, strategy

Your Cloud Future is Here

White Paper Published By: BMC Software     Published Date: Aug 12, 2013
Don’t miss out on the perspective provided in the latest Forrester Thought Leader Cloud Survey. In-depth responses provided by 300 cloud decision makers show you: • Why users go around IT for cloud services • Why you should embrace hybrid cloud – for yourself and the business • A best-practices checklist to help build and run a cloud that fits your business needs • Four key recommendations from Forrester to reach Cloud success Compliments of BMC Software.
Tags : 
cloud, cloud services, bmc, forrester, best practices
BMC Software

Your data center: Unlock real value in apps and data.

White Paper Published By: CDW     Published Date: Aug 28, 2015
Your data center is the center of everything, and it’s the key to unlocking value across your entire organization. Start today.
Tags : 
storage, servers, cloud computing, architecture, convergence

Your Data System Should be Always On, Fast and Affordable

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Dec 06, 2013
Partners and customers expect instantaneous response and continuous uptime from data systems, but the volume and velocity of data make it difficult to respond with agility. IBM PureData System for Transactions enable businesses to gear up and meet these challenges.
Tags : 
ibm, ibm puredata system, data, data mangement, database

Your Roadmap to Cloud ERP

White Paper Published By: Kenandy     Published Date: Jan 28, 2015
Are you considering moving some or all of your ERP to the cloud? If so, you’re aware of the many bene?ts of cloud ERP, including quick time to value, social and mobile collaboration for your users, and the ?exibility to rapidly adapt your processes as your business changes. But, you may be asking—how should I start my journey to cloud ERP? Which is the best route for my company? In this white paper, we illuminate the high-value routes customers take to cloud ERP and drivers behind their choices. You will learn about the options to consider along the way and how to stay on track. Whatever road you choose, it’s important that you get started. Cloud ERP is not just a destination, it’s a transformation that will give your company faster time to value and the ?exibility to quickly adapt to changing business needs.
Tags : 
cloud erp, quick time to value, high-value routes, it management, data center

Zebra Accelerates Your Path to the Internet of Things

White Paper Published By: Zebra     Published Date: Jul 10, 2014
In this paper, Zebra shows how to accelerate the path to IoT through the Visible Value Chain (VVC). It enables organizations to gain real-time visibility into their operations allowing them to be more nimble, agile, and make better-informed business decisions. Once organizations have seamlessly enabled device connection to the data center, they can see events occurring throughout their value chain in real time—and act upon them. Doing so creates new value and intelligence from both legacy and new devices, while mining the vast riches of Big Data.
Tags : 
zebra, internet, visible value chain, vvc, big data

Zero Downtime Migration to Oracle Exadata using Oracle GoldenGate

White Paper Published By: Oracle     Published Date: May 11, 2012
This paper reviews Oracle GoldenGate's capabilities and how it can be used to achieve zero downtime migration and consolidation to Oracle Exadata.
Tags : 
oracle, data warehousing, database, exadata, database machine

Zero to Insight with the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse

White Paper Published By: SnowFlake     Published Date: Jul 08, 2016
Today’s data, and how that data is used, have changed dramatically in the past few years. Data now comes from everywhere—not just enterprise applications, but also websites, log files, social media, sensors, web services, and more. Organizations want to make that data available to all of their analysts as quickly as possible, not limit access to only a few highly-skilled data scientists. However, these efforts are quickly frustrated by the limitations of current data warehouse technologies. These systems simply were not built to handle the diversity of today’s data and analytics. They are based on decades-old architectures designed for a different world, a world where data was limited, users of data were few, and all processing was done in on-premises data centers.
Tags : 
snowflake, data, technology, enterprise, application

Zero Trust with John Kindervag

Webinar Published By: NetIQ     Published Date: Jul 27, 2011
In this on-demand webinar, John Kindervag, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, defines "zero-trust architecture," outlines the 5 steps needed to make this model actionable, and explains how his clients are adopting a "zero-trust architecture."
Tags : 
zero trust, netiq, advanced threats, apt prevention, cybercrime

Zerto Enables ARA to Migrate Its Mission-Critical Applications and Servers

Case Study Published By: Zerto     Published Date: May 31, 2016
Download this case study today to learn more about how ARA was able to complete a datacenter migration in a compressed window, and how they continue to use ZVR to deliver aggressive service levels across their infrastructure with a product that is very easy to use.
Tags : 
zerto, virtual replication, medical imaging, datacenter, servers

ZK Research WP: A Data Center Fabric is Critical to a Next-Generation Data

White Paper Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Apr 10, 2015
The data center has gone through many major evolutionary changes over the past several decades, and each change has been defined by major shifts in architectures. The industry moved from the mainframe era to client/server computing and then to Internet computing. In 2011, another major shift began: the shift to a virtual data center. This has been the primary driver in enabling customers to transition to the cloud and ultimately IT as a service. The shift to a virtual data center will be the single biggest transition in the history of computing. It will reshape all the major data center tiers: applications, storage, servers and the network.
Tags : 
cisco, zk research, data center, itaas, migration

ZK Research WP: A Data Center Fabric is Critical to a Next-Generation Data

White Paper Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Aug 27, 2015
A data center fabric is critical to a next-generation data center.
Tags : 
application integration, business intelligence, database security, virtualization

ZK Research: Cisco and Akamai Elevate the Customer Digital Experience

White Paper Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Aug 28, 2015
Revamp the way wide-area networks handle data.
Tags : 
business intelligence, productivity, cloud computing, infrastructure management

ZK Research: Understanding Acquisition Costs of Cisco ACI vs VMware NSX

White Paper Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Sep 17, 2015
Vendors have differed in their approach to delivering on the promise of SDN. In this paper, we compare two such SDN platforms: Cisco’s Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and VMware’s NSX platform.
Tags : 
datacenter, aci, enterprise, networking, data center design and management

ZLTO Meets 5 Minute RPO with Silver Peak and Dell EqualLogic

Case Study Published By: Silver Peak     Published Date: Feb 12, 2013
When faced with their EqualLogic replication not completing due to limited WAN bandwidth and consistently missing their RPO, ZLTO needed a solution. Learn how Silver Peak’s virtual appliances reduced their bandwidth used for replication by 86%.
Tags : 
wan, bandwith, rpo, zlto, virtualization
Silver Peak

Zurich Insurance makes a triumph out of disaster recovery

White Paper Published By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 10, 2013
Zurich Insurance suffered a major flooding incident in 2011 that put their office out of commission for almost a month. The company invoked its disaster recovery plan and moved 120 staff to IBM’s Damastown Technology Campus. Read the case study to find out how planning and working with IBM helped Zurich Insurance cope with this serious incident.
Tags : 
disaster recovery, zurich insurance, flooding, recovery, natural disaster

‘Seeing’ Means ‘Saving’ in Network Operations

White Paper Published By: Endace     Published Date: Dec 28, 2012
Having 100% accurate network visibility is a looming requirement for avoiding substantial financial losses. Why? And how can you get it? Read on this white paper to learn more about "seeing" and saving.
Tags : 
endace, network, monitoring, tools, saving
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