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SIS Development, Inc. offers highly specialized, wing-to-wing commercial OEM product development services. We're flexible, agile, and uniquely geared - enabling us to provide your business with a precisely customized suite of services based on your business model and your specific needs. For short-term projects or a longer-term strategic initiative, we provide a wide range of strategic end-to-end business services - from management-level planning to customized teams that will make your strategic vision a reality. Securing a safe tomorrow for your (facilities) can feel like a daunting task, especially if you're not up to speed on the latest security applications and technology. That's where SIS comes in. Our management has spent the better part of three decades designing, developing and patenting the advanced, innovative technologies used in our turn-key or custom security solutions. It only stands to reason that we know how to put them all together. It also means you won't pay for a pre-packaged "solution" with system components you don't need.
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SIS Development
Phone :
(541) 207-3233

Address :
808C NW Buchanan Ave.
Corvallis, OR

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