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Raychem Circuit Protection products are a part of your everyday life. From your cell phone battery to your car's steering wheel, we are helping to make your world safer and your electronics more reliable. All the electrical equipment around you can become dangerous through faults such as overcurrent, overvoltage or overheating. Raychem Circuit Protection products help to protect electrical equipment from these types of faults. To date, billions of Raychem Circuit Protection products have been used to help protect a wide range of electronic products in the computer, battery & portable electronics, consumer, automotive, industrial appliance & HVAC, and telecommunication markets. There are many agencies that require circuit protection in their products. Our products are certified under UL, TUV and other application specific and regional agencies.
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Tyco Electronics
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(650) 361-6900

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308 Constitution DriveBuilding HMenlo Park, CA 94025

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