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ITI leads and facilitates companies to achieve Best Practice New Product Development processes, capabilities and support systems. For our clients top management this translates to three-times or more world-class new product development programs with current new product development budgets.CPPD is the acronym used by ITI to define all aspects of Concurrent Product and manufacturing Process Development; i.e. processes, methods, integration requirements and global collaborative support systems. Ideally, we start by understanding where our clients new product development processes, capabilities and support systems are relative to the "Best Practice" in the world and the "Best in Class" in their respective markets.We then work as part of our clients development teams in support of near and long term strategy definition and deployment. These changes are deployed on real new product development projects and consider the unique realities of each client in terms of skill levels, culture and pace of change amidst other technical, operational and business constraints.
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