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Proto Software, Inc. develops desktop application software designed to empower everyone from financial professionals to researchers to hobbyists to solve their personal, local problems with situational applications. Non-programmers who have relied on 20-year-old spreadsheet and database tools now have Proto, a better way to build situational apps. While software for professional programmers has substantially evolved, the essential structure and power of tools such as Excel and Access, widely used by knowledge workers, are substantially unchanged. Proto brings a fresh look and industrial-strength desktop application development to knowledge workers. Proto processes data and calculates with the control and flexibility of a spreadsheet. It stores organizes and shares information with the power of a database. Proto integrates interactively with your existing spreadsheets, enterprise databases and add-ins. It's component-based, multi-user architecture is robust, allowing users to create, store, and share reusable functionality. User interface, logic and data are all separate.
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Proto Software
Phone :
(212) 244-1960

Address :
140 W. 30th St.
3rd Floor East
New York, NY 10001

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