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Launched in 2002, Windward Reports is the only full-featured, robust J2EE/.NET reporting engine to use Microsoft Word as a layout tool, putting report-design and generation power in the hands of the end user, technical or non-technical. Any Word user can easily and securely create reports with almost no learning curve.Also unique, Windward Reports implements in hours, offers affordable use-based pricing, and offers “prompt, fantastic” technical support via a 24/7 support forum and support contracts. Windward Reports works by merging any XML, SQL or custom data source—or any combination thereof—with a Microsoft Word report template. It feeds data into the template to create a what-you-see-is-what-you-get report that can be generated in PDF, .RTF, HTML, WordML, .XLS, SpreadsheetML, .TXT, or multipart-MIME-email format.
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