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Tips on Finding a Website Design Service

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Published:  Feb 22, 2010
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Ask to look at some work they have already done. Visit these sites to get a feel of what kind of work they are capable of doing. What is the layout like? Are the pages constructed in a logical and easy-to-use manner? Do the pages (especially ones with graphics) load quickly or slow? Are the main elements on the page (products, services, etc.) overtly showcased or obscured by the rest of the elements? Does the site excite and propel the visitor to make a move (will it inspire to use or buy something)? See if they have references that you can contact. This way not only can you view their work, but you can hear first hand if they are personable and easy to work with. Make sure that your site will be accessible by multiple browsers (even older versions of these browsers) to ensure that you are being viewed by a larger pool of visitors. Save Time and Money on Web/E-Commerce Design. Fill out the form to request Web/E-Commerce Design price quotes

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